And here’s your quick Burberry Lola update


Burberry Lola Bag RefresherPHOTO COURTESY OF BURBERRY>

TheLolais reclaiming the spotlight at Burberry, with the British fashion house launching a special series of limited-edition designs (only 100 of each will be available for sale) to celebrate the puffy quilted bag over the coming weeks and months.

But for those who love a classic Lola iteration and would rather head into the boutique to buy one now, Burberry has plenty of timeless shapes and styles worth a closer look today.

It all starts withLola bag, an elegant double-breasted lapel designed with theTBlogo in gold or silver hardware on the front. The key feature ofLola baglies in their soft yet semi-structured silhouette, and each features a beautiful quilted motif reminiscent of the signature check pattern.

TheLola bagIt was first introduced to fully tanned lambskin in Italy, but you’ll be pleased to find other variations like cashmere, canvas, and knit plaid that are also solid choices. There are 3 main sizes to consider, with the mini measuring 17cm wide and 10cm tall, the small measuring 23cm by 13cm and the medium the largest measuring 28cm by 17cm.

Burberry progressively launched other shapes such as theLola bucket bagandLola Walletit came with two chain straps to carry over the shoulder. There are also new zip styles likesoft lolaandLola camera bagthat have a smaller format to grab and go. Without forgetting the miniature formats likeLola Bag With Chain HandleandHalf Moon Lola Bagthat add a playful dimension to the original flap crossbody style.

Truly spoiled for choice when it comes to Burberry’sLolaWhat style, old or new, have you noticed?

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