Beyond the Senat, this is another Goyard bag to love


Over the years, theSenateIt has been consistently ranked as one of the must-have pieces to get at Goyard. It comes in 5 sizes ranging from smallSenat Mini WalletwholesaleSenate MGM Pocket, and each one comes in a rectangular format with a simple zipper closure that runs along the top.

Made inGoyardinacanvas with 11 shades to choose from, theSenateis a great option for those looking to start their Goyard journey small but simple.

But beyonde Senatelies another bag to love.

Goyard calls this theYouth, and you’ll find it within the brand’s line of travel accessories along with watch cases and passport covers, as well as theMuse vanity,Among others. Because? This is because it was designed as a toiletry bag and the inner workings are structured in a way that it keeps items upright to prevent spills or leaks when in use.

It also comes with a water-resistant cotton lining for easy cleaning andYouthIt also has a leather loop tab on the side for attaching to larger carry-on bags and luggage for travel and the like.

You can also call it an update ofSenate, since Goyard has added numerous pockets and slots to make it work perfectly as an everyday handbag. Both theYouth MM(24.5 cm by 19 cm) and theYouth GMThe sizes (29.5cm by 23cm) have 2 long interior pockets for storing various essentials, and there is also an additional zippered compartment on the front exterior if you need easy access.

TheYouth Toiletry Bagit also comes in all 11 of Goyard’s signature colors, and is priced at1550 SGD(Black,Black/Tan) /1850 SGD(everything else) and1800 SGD/2150 SGDfor themmandDJsizes respectively. That’s pretty good considering it’s a fully functional bag with 2 zippered items and a water-resistant cotton lining.

TheGoyardinathe canvas is also designed to withstand the test of time, and theChevrochesCalfskin trim adds a touch of luxury while reinforcing the bag at the edges and seams. Intrigued? Check it out at Singapore’s only Goyard boutique found inside the Takashimaya Mall.

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